How To Pray About State And Corporate Spying

My close friends, the police and other interested parties know what happened to a couple of my external hard drives lately.  It put me drastically behind but luckily I had an older backup for my backup so I’m still behind with things (but almost all up to date as I type this).

My response as a Christian was to pray as Jesus told us to pray. “Bless those who wickedly curse you, and pray for those who hate you” etc., which is very hard to do with the Right/Left Establishment until I remember these crazed Elites believe that aliens are their ancestors and all of that insane witchy alien stuff that the NWObankster Elites all believe in.

(In JudeoChristianity of course, these “aliens” are demons with “doctrines of demons” who are deluding the Elites as angels – or aliens – of light.  What the Elites believe goes back to the beginning, as I was sharing with some Palinistas the other day.   Here is the link to “Know Your Enemy” — — and the sections on how the Rothchilds aren’t Jewish dispels a lot of anti Semitic disinformation.  Overall, “Know Your Enemy” shows us that the symptoms might be political, but the cause is spiritual.)

My prayer pals and I have added something to our prayers on top of actually pleading for the souls of the Establishment, that God would spare those involved that He can spare, that He would make “Pauls out of Sauls”.  We added also to our prayers Obadiah 1:15: “as you have done, so it shall be done to you, your deeds shall recoil upon your own heads”…

So we prayed that as the StateNWO and Corporate Elites sift through our phone calls, our plans, our strategies etc., that THEIR plans, strategies, privacy would in turn be unveiled, exposed and uncovered. We pray that the deceptions, false narratives, false flags and manufactured news would be uncovered and the veils ripped away from their true motives.


Double and triple LOL.

For all prayerful Jews and Christians reading this, our God ALWAYS confirms His word and His will.  He’s not a tormentor or a trickster, our God is a straight shooter, He always wants us to know what He wants us to do.

So was I surprised (especially after the issue with my hard drives) a few weeks ago when I bought a used and broken Mac for parts off the internet.  The screen was dead but the rest of the laptop worked.

The hard drive was still in the unit.  After it was taken out, it turns out this was the hard drive, with plans and strategies and personal stuff and other internal documents — from a Twitter executive. We all laughed over this because we knew it was God confirming for us this was the way to pray about the internet spying issue.  God sure has a sense of humor.

Of course, I’ll be contacting Twitter and I will not be using this hard drive and information for anything — I want to return it to whom it belongs to. I want to keep the 2nd Commandment; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.




This is a small portion of something much larger, waylaid by some hard drive trouble I had a few months back.  I thought I’d excerpt this because of all the Palin-in-media news lately, and because it’s my own Christian birthday and Piper’s real birthday. (Blessings on her day!) Much more still to come in one form or another – this week.


A while back, Sarah Palin wisely turned down Mark Burnett’s generous offer of a TV talk show — because her personality, appeal and “call” are unsuited for the format.  Since the time Andrew Breitbart famously compared Palin to Oprah Winfrey, there was a lingering idea that Palin could be the rightwing Oprah on TV talkshows.


But Brietbart, rest his soul, was only half right about Palin being Oprah.  Yes, she’s as big of an icon as Winfrey, but no — this is not the right type of show to frame Sarah Palin’s influence and talent.  I’ll attempt to deconstruct Oprah’s talk show success later, but first it’s important to try to analyze why Governor Palin is wrong for this (though others might be completely right for it…)


Sarah Palin truly is a standard bearer for classic Christian Americana within the media politik.  Her job “in the spirit” is to strengthen and encourage others as she takes a stand for worthy — if not eternal – causes, something that cannot be done within trend-driven TV talk shows as we know them.


For Sarah Palin, throwing herself into the commercialized obsequiousness of issue-oriented TV talk shows would destroy her brand and effectiveness. The five-day-a-week multiple-issue structure would diminish her God-given talents by causing her to be overexposed, spread too thin over a variety of issues.


As a standard bearer of the spirit, there’s a need to frame Sarah Palin’s talent with the importance due her cause.  This “framing device” is about timing; it’s about pacing media cycles.  International leaders like Palin can’t “take their stand” every day, simply because it’s necessary to feed the commercialized media beast with manufactured and inconsequential “issues”.

Think about all the Establishment types who withhold themselves from the day-to-day media fray and only sporadically dip into it, and only then when heavily scripted.  (They probably have memorized the Proverb that says “even the fool when he is silent appears wise” LOL)

This timing and pacing problem applies to social media, and Sarah Palin knows it.  She knows too much tweeting on each and every meme-of-the-day would eventually ruin her brand by dilution in our increasingly politicized and phony social media fray.


Much of the time, Palin functions as a Tea Party Will Rogers, more than capable of proffering a worthy opinion on pretty much any subject.  But it’s not wise to see her “taking stands” on every issue in the world, as she would have to do in a TV talk show.  Taking a stand on every issue makes every issue she takes a stand on less important.  It would make her opinion commonplace and therefore disposable.


In stark contrast to the secular elites who host TV talk shows – Palin’s power is that she truly represents the people as the ordinary housewife turned extraordinary conservative leader.  Standing for the people means she “stands in” for them; she “re-presents” Reagan and Lincoln’s vision of America.

(In the Reagan years, the Establishment commandeered the fight by triangulating conservative Christians and calling them “the Moral Majority” and then pitting them against liberal atheists while moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans won by dividing these “extremes.” Meanwhile the religious or Luciferian agendas of these UN Establishment elites were never divulged or discussed, though the death of JudeoChristianity is their goal).

Call her a standard bearer of the spirit in the Christian sense — or the Platonic sense if Judeo-Christianity is too much for you – but that is Sarah Palin’s eternal positioning.  She strengthens and encourages Judeo-Christian Americans as she takes her stand.


Reflexively, Palin is strengthened and encouraged when she’s with people in a public setting.  She’s said so often enough.  It isn’t work when Palin “works the crowd”; she’s always glad to be “glad-handing.”  Though her enemies don’t understand her spiritual positioning — to their detriment — Palin isn’t “living for the applause” ala the narcissistic Hollywood cliché.  It’s actually a much more profound understanding.

Her love of the hoi polloi (or Katie Couric’s “great unwashed”) has to do with Palin’s recognition of herself in their midst.

It is through public interaction that Sarah Palin understands her spiritual identity.


Governor Palin “feels who she is” when she meets and greets or speaks in public. As Palin has described her son Trig as needing to look at his hands as a touchstone, as a grounding device, as a foundation of reality that permits him to venture into grassy unknowns – public encounters are a touchstone for Sarah Palin.

Palin recognizes who she is when she’s with a crowd.  It’s a spiritual need for her, and it makes her crowds love her all the more because they have a mutual need for her to stand for them.   These are the logistics of how Sarah Palin “re-presents” Christian America: she is encouraged and strengthened as she encourages and strengthens others; it’s part of her call in God as a moral leader, as a standard-bearer.

Palin loses herself and her sense of her leadership if she had to muck through trivial, trendy or inconsequential issues, but is strengthened if she’s associated with worthy causes she believes in.

Her decision to not take up Mark Burnett on his TV talk show offer was dead right.


But all this is why her upcoming show might be the perfect vehicle right now.

Despite the critics, reality shows have not diminished the Governor’s brand, but have extended it — because these shows thrive on interactive immediacy, her forte.


Though reality TV is of course just as artificial as any other TV format, it suits Sarah Palin because her love for people is “really real” and immediate.

Just by being Sarah Palin, the Governor “strengthens that which remains” of our Christian Americana when she campaigns, be it a book tour or politically.  This is most likely the spiritual subtext for the new series.  AMAZING AMERICA is a perfect showcase for Sarah Palin right now because of her evangelistic call, and part of this subtext for this upcoming show is that these people whom Palin will highlight are “part of” Palin herself.


And one of the pitfalls of doing a show about people’s personal stories like “Amazing America” or other shows to be discussed – is that most likely, Palin wants to “take a stand” about the lives of the people she meets on the show.  There is a potential weak spot in this.

Sarah Palin is not Huel Howser, she is a world leader.  Should these people later on diss her or disavow what was presented within Palin’s show could be a way Palin’s political enemies try to sabotage her.  Sarah Palin cannot “go surety for a stranger” (ala Proverbs 6) and take a stand on other people’s testimonies or life achievements if she does not know them intimately.

She can present them, she can frame their life-stories, but she can’t stake her own reputation upon theirs.  She can’t guarantee or warranty their morality or character, their upright and forthright lifestyles or achievements.  This probably will be spelled out in the show, so if it turns out someone Palin highlights in her show has done something immoral or somehow misrepresented themselves, there won’t be room for Palin’s political enemies to make hay out of it.


Hillary the Automaton & Michelle Obama’s love for her daughters

Praying about CPAC.

Also praying for Sarah Palin and specifically for her people and family.

Last summer I had this weird dream about Hillary and Michelle Obama and her daughters.   I didn’t write about it because I still don’t understand it.

I was in this “tower” in this enemy castle.  Locked in this tower room.  HIllary Clinton came in and started to try to make a gay pass at me — I rebuffed and rejected her advances.   No!

But what was weird was not that she was in to some sort of gay thing.  I mean, I remember talking about Hillary Clinton and Huma with my staightlaced pastor back in 2007!  What was strange was her countenance.   The way she carried herself was like a robotic sleepwalker, an automaton or someone in a demonic trance or under a spell of some kind.

As soon as it clicked that there was not going to be some sort of lesbionic thing happening with me, she stood up, robot like, and with no thought or emotion (like a robot who suddenly got a new assignment) she turned and walked out of this tower prison room and went out to door.

She was met by some eunuch like helpers who put a huge whitish long robe with a hood on it.  All sparkly.  Queen like.  Hillary the robot queen.

Hillary the sleepwalking demonized ruler Queen went from my room and rebuffed situation down the hall into another room with people like George Soros and other NWO globalist “rich men of the earth” (see Psalm 2) who were waiting to have a meeting with her.

Or program her?

Then I looked out my tower prison window and saw Michelle Obama and her daughters on the lawn below Hillary’s NWO castle.  Michelle Obama was panicky.  Fearful.  Running towards Hillary’s digs with her daughters in this terror.  It was as if Michelle Obama knew how weird and demonized Hillary and how unfulfilled her life is, but whateer she was running away from with her daughters was somehow a worse fate than following in HIllary’s footsteps.

I felt a lot of sorrow for MIchelle Obama, who was only doing what she was doing out of love of her children.


PS Something made me look up the white robe with the hood that I saw Hillary wearing in the dream.   Freaky:  “Ancient Celtic robes reflect personal qualities and are central to Druid identity. Consider the weight and texture of the fabric as well as how it fits—Druid priests considered the robes to be their skin.”   The robes were their “skin”?

The fight we are in is not political.   It is spiritual.  And I think a lot of liberals that we believe are just “atheists” or “agnostics” are neither — but are truly working against Judeo Christianity in some sort of conscious Luciferian situation… the same beliefs that all the UN founders believed:

Breaking the Bonds of Brotherhood

Amos 1:9
Thus says the LORD,
“For three transgressions of Tyre and for four I will not revoke its punishment,
Because they delivered up an entire population to Edom
And did not remember the covenant of brotherhood.”
Somewhere in the last few years I read how this verse is about our founding documents, our “covenant of Brotherhood”.
Lately I can’t get it out of my mind.  We are being “delivered up to captivity” by Obamacare and its evil twin Amnesty.
Amos’s reference to Tyre is almost comical in its accuracy regarding the rich men of the earth who as per Psalm 2 “want to change the ordinances” as they come against God’s anointed.  The Lord will have the last laugh.
Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Tyrus, and for four,
I will not turn away the punishment thereof;
because they delivered up the whole captivity to Edom,
and remembered not the brotherly covenant:

I wonder if love for America, if the bonds of brotherhood of our Declaration/Constitution aren’t causing a great rift within the hearts of the Establishment elite. They know Hitler also wanted totalitarian control in order to pave the way for his beautiful Fourth Reich, the New World Order (info on Hitler’s little known 1928 sequel to Mein Kampf The New World Order:, and this is exactly what the Elite is doing in America.  I think love of country must be causing a rift within the elites themselves.

It’s not just Obama, either.  Without John Roberts and John Boehner, where would Obamacare be?  This is Right-Left Establishment collusion and Christians/Conservatives/Tea Partiers are their enemy.

Methinks much will be made in this upcoming cycle of the conservative Americans who seemingly “did not come out to vote for Mitt Romney” in 2012 by the Left/Right Establishment Media Complex… even though some precincts were at the statistically impossible 100% mark for Obama.
I know it sounds like conspiratorial sour grapes to believe the vote was stolen in ’12, but I do.  And it will become increasingly important to make a decision as to whether we believe people passively stayed home in light of the danger of Obama/Obamacare — or if the Establishment is just trying to rig things to make it seem we are in the minority.
I think they are doing everything in their power to make us believe we Tea Party conservatives are in the minority.
Can’t forget how Sarah Palin was locked out of the GOP convention.  If the Establishment had really wanted to win, would they have done this?

Ducking Duck Dynasty

LOL, just read John Nolte’s latest on Fox News’ victory lap and chuckled over his use of the word “Ahab-esque” — which reminded me I wrote out this post but didn’t publish it after I emailed this to a fave talk radio host a few hours before Phil Robertson made up with A&E:

“I don’t know any Christian outside of a 19th-Century Herman Melville character who would have memorized that verse in Corinthians Phil Robertson reportedly knew by heart.  According to GQ,  he knew the verse well enough to paraphrase it?  I find that very very very strange, i.e. I smell a fake media “controversy” to get ratings.”

I discussed this with a Big Grizzly I know a few days ago, he was saying that it didn’t matter what the Duck Dynasty guys true motives were (i.e. if they were in league with the GOPe to try to push Tea Partiers and Palin people into the “extreme right” position the Establishment needs us to occupy to they can triangulate us against the “extreme left” and push their “moderate” candidates and agendas); the Grizzly was saying what mattered was that the culture war against the Left was being won.

I’m not so sure that is the real battle, but I appreciate his insight.

Jesus was against both the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees (Democrats and Republicans, with Rome representing the UN NWO overlords) and we should be imitating Christ.




ReInterpretation (Can’t Stop Thinking About Graham BDay Dream)

All I can say is I’m up late because I can’t shake off something about  this dream I had about Billy Graham’s birthday when I saw all these people gathered there with him and a woman “in her early sixties” was pointing a finger of accusation at him — I now think the accusation had to do with the date or the time-frame when there was a problem with Billy Graham… the early sixties.

Yes, I think he made the weird phone call Debbie Reynolds reported in her 1st autobiography the weekend Marilyn Monroe died — that he said: “MM was going to die and it was not her time…”   (He didn’t talk directly to Reynolds but was fishing around for someone who knew MM from a contact at Bel Air Presbyterian Church because he probably was innocently involved with some bad moneymen-mobster-bankster-luciferian-masons and this phone call was some sort of payback.  If you look at the professional manner in which Graham’s early TV broadcasts were produced and then compare them with other evangelists of the day, compare the old kineoscopes, it’s obvious Graham had money behind him.)

And then after MM did die, Reynolds reported how Graham was terribly guilt-ridden.  Overcome with guilt.

(I think MM’s death was an accidental chain of events, triggered by someone telling her this horrible Billy Graham message about her dying before her time — and this was when it seems she was being pressured by the Mob to pull a “Monica Lewinsky” on JFK to pull down his Presidency — and she flipped out after hearing the Billy Graham warning — and she needed a sedative that mixed with other stuff she had taken that day…)

Anyway, God would never say “it was not her time” — He is ultimately the one in charge of life and death, even murder or suicide.  Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassination amply evidences this principle.

What I saw in the dream, out of all the multitudes of people at his birthday bash only ONE person had any problem with him. The attractive woman “in her early sixties.”  I suppose the woman could have been Marilyn, but she had brown hair (actually this was Marilyn’s natural hair color).  The Ezekiel 24 part of the dream (after the woman pointed a figure of accusation at Graham, someone said “Ezekiel 24!”) is about judgment on people inside the church or inside the Judeo-Christian realm.

Why am I being so hard on Billy Graham?  I’m not.  I just wanted to post what I thought that dream was really saying, that there is a Biblical judgment coming down on Billy Graham because of something that happened in the early sixties.

I apologize to anyone whose sense of sentimentality about famous evangelists is offended; we are all sinners — Billy Graham included.