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Rove Haunted The Dream of A Big Grizzly Pal, Too

A few months ago, I was hanging out with a Big Grizzly pal of mine, and of course I had told him about the Karl Rove dream I had about him and Rove a year ago; that dream I had was about working (or not) for the Grizzly/Palin ’14 political causes for me — and how I saw in the dream that Rove was laughing at me and my Grizzly friend and then Rove turned into — Satan.

Anyway, he remembered that he had a similar dream about old Karl (at the beginning of this year).  Here’s the dream:

My friend called a taxi to take him somewhere he needed to go.  He was explaining to the taxi driver where he was going when Karl Rove appeared out of nowhere and told my friend —

“No… you cannot go where you want to go in this cab”.

My big Grizzly pal kept arguing with Rove over the ridiculousness of it… why would Rove be denying him his rights to buy the services of a cabbie, or have any dictatorial say over how, when and where my friend would be going anywhere?   His dream ended with this absurd argument with Rove, who kept telling him he “could not go where he wanted to go…

Interesting.  Those Rove Bushies just cannot stand the Palin Grizzly people, but I think the dream is saying a lot more than that.




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