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My Friend Just Not That Into Ben Carson As VP (It Was Cain ’12?)

A pal of mine who had a dream about a black man with facial hair, a guy who he felt like was “his father” in the dream… we were talking the week Ben Carson stated that he was a Seventh Day Adventist and he felt the dream was NOT about Carson but had been about how Herman Cain had been “taken out”…

The key being how Cain kept saying in the dream “but I am not sick”…and he didn’t understand why he and his wife were in this hospital room for sick people (only the “sick” or sinners are in need of Jesus).

My friend told me he thought it was about how Cain had been destroyed by the Military IndustrialCIA Complex in 2012 or whenever that whole “girl in the hotel room” discrediting thing happened to his Presidential campaign.





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