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Addendum to ? Rosey Grier and RFK?

(Edit: was talking with a friend about the dream last night. He’s been getting similar dreams about NSA/CIA types threatening him with occultic threats… are all these people into black magic?  He was the one who had the dream about the CIA tailing a black “VP” who resembled Ben Carson.

Anyway we remembered what a particularly macho Christian “prayer warrior” we know told us.  He happened to be near the area in Santa Monica when the old man with a stuck accelerator plowed into a group of people and killed them, on 3rd street.  This Christian guy said he was shocked to see a group of known Satanists rush over to the accident where the people were lying dead and bleeding out. Instead of helping, the Satanists were… going into some sort of religious trance or ecstasy.  He explained what they were doing was “soaking up the energy” of the innocent people who were killed, as a way of satanic empowerment.  They believed they received power by being right near where people were dying.

And of course, if you believe Hitler was into the occult, then this is the reason they had their sacrificial “holocaust”.   It wasn’t so much about hating the Jews or Christians or gays… it was that the occult Nazis believed they were getting fresh energy or empowerment out of their sacrificed burnt offerings — or “holocaust” of human flesh.

(Was Auschwitz an occult temple?  Without even looking it up, I’ll bet a million dollars the blueprints for the deathcamp was organized by some sort of satanic symbolism.  And that the Nazis believed they were getting occult power out of the burning their victims.)

I think this is what I saw in the RFK dream. These prominent men were soaking up the energy that was bleeding out from Robert Kennedy as he lay dying. This type of demonic “worship” goes back to ancient times, when people would put their babies in the burning furnaces of the god Molech. They would believe they were being empowered by the death of the innocent.

Furthermore, I once knew a Hollywood executive who worked for several huge movie stars and studios. I asked a friend of mine to ask one of the big movie stars about her. She said “she had to fire the woman, because she was seeing ghosts in the office.” Later I met someone through my church who lived with this woman as a roommate when his pop music career was “charting” years previously.  He told me every night, the woman would get drunk and conjure up demons… and have conversations with them.  He also said the moment she found out he was a Christian, she stopped communication with him and wanted him to move out. Literally, refused to talk to him. The woman killed herself some years ago — though I had prayed for her very much when she was alive.

I’m reminded about this RFK dream because she was good friends with Budd Schulberg. And she was friends with him in the way that she was sort of a “handler” to Schulberg. Like no one could get near Schulberg without her permission. In public, it was beyond weird to see her run interference for him, even in weirdo Hollywood.

Budd Schulberg was in attendance when Robert Kennedy bled out on the cold stone floor of the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel — right near the “grove” of the Cocoanut Grove. *Satanic sacrifices require a stone floor for the victim and have to be near a grove.  If this is true, I guess doing things in plain sight is always the best cover? )


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