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All About Bachmann

About a month ago, I had a dream about Michelle Bachmann.

Well, maybe not so much about her, but about her “handlers”.   Yes, I mean handlers, because brainwashed Bachmann needs “handlers”.  In just the same way Chris Matthews couldn’t contain himself and asked her live on the air a while back “If she was in a trance”…

Anyway, what I saw is that Bachmann is being prepped for a major political job, like VP.  And that her handlers, or her watchers or her voodoo consultants or whomever she and her husband “bow the knee to” in the religious/political sense — let’s not forget Karl Rove ran Bachmann for office in ’06 — in the dream I saw Bachmann’s handlers are watching ME.

These handlers are watching me (and people like me) to see how I deal with and support Sarah Palin, so they can imitate whatever I am doing in order promote Bachmann, the counterfeit Palin.

They plan to use intel on Palin for Bachmann.


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