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Islam is from Hell

Years ago, I was talking to a Jewish friend of mine about religion and Jesus.  She said to me, I can understand and accept what you are saying about Jesus and God, but the devil?  C’mon.  That’s just ridiculous.  There is no such thing as the Devil.

We were driving to Westwood that day, where there was a Christian bookstore (this was preInternet) and I wanted her to get one of C.S. Lewis’ books.

She went on and on about how the Devil did not exist as we parked nearby on this side street near what used to be Bullocks Department store, as close as we could get to the bookstore.

I remember pulling down my vanity mirror in the car to put on lipstick or something as we were getting out of the car, when we both heard this strange “rap music” echoing down the street.  It was very loud.  As I got out of the car to lock it, we looked to see where the all the noise was coming from.  It was like someone had an old time “boom box” blasting this horrible rap.

The voice was neither male nor female in inflection.  The best way I can describe it is it sounded “metallic”.  When I was looking for a place to park, I noticed there was a Jamaican or Haitian woman sitting in her beat up Toyota car across the little side street.

Now, my friend and I both turned to look at this woman because the voice was coming out of her mouth.

She was possessed.  Truly.  It was like looking at a scene out of The Exorcist.  She was writhing as if a huge snake was inside her body, rippling up and down her neck and arms.  Undulating underneath her skin.

And the most remarkable if not utterly frightening part about it, was WHAT she was saying.

She was rapping in this loud disembodied neither male or female voice:  “I — AM — MOHHAMMED!”.


I get chills remembering it, I can still hear that voice commanding us to recognize that it was MOHHAMED while it was taking control of that woman’s body.

Evidently, the complete possession of the woman was startling even to her.  She was looking at herself in her car’s side view mirror.  She was fixed on looking at how it was speaking out of her mouth and causing her neck and torso to ripple.

Of course, my friend who only three minutes before was saying how she didn’t believe in the Devil, freaked.  We slowly backed away, down the sidewalk, watching the poor writhing demonized soul.  The Christian in me wanted to cast the demon out in the name of Jesus, but I was concerned because she was behind the wheel of a car and I didn’t want her to chase us down.  I was also concerned for my friend, who had no history of religion or any background at all about God, and somehow I remembered that demons are always alerted to the presence of actual Christians, who have power over them.

We ran into the bookstore and my friend  bought up a lot of books about her newfound understanding that the Devil is real.

This was a long time ago, during the Reagan years when this happened, well before 9/11 etc.  But it has always informed my understanding of Islam.

It is from Hell.

P.S. This only relation this post has to Gov. Palin today on her 26th anniversary and the 6th anniversary of her RNC VP acceptance, is that most Christian Palinistas well understand that PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is most likely a reaction to Palin’s faith.


The Greek word for being demon possessed comes from the word for a snake or “Python”.  And that is exactly what we saw that day.  That woman looked like a huge python was inside of her body and talking through her.


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