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Alex Jones’ Wife/Friend’s Dream of a Black GOP VP/Grizzly and Rove

I wrote this out a few weeks ago and forgot I didn’t actually post it.

Start with the first in early April:

I had a dream about a Palin Grizzly friend of mine.  Was driving the Grizzly somewhere in my car — and the off-ramp was unpaved… we literally “ran out of road” as the car was pulled to a stop by the freeway meridians that were strewn around this “road” and my car got all smashed.  Then I was in a room with my Grizzly friend — and Karl Rove was there.  I was not supposed to be there — it was not my “place”.  And then Rove pulled off a face mask revealing… Satan underneath.  Literally.  And RoveSatan was laughing at me for thinking he didn’t have all the work my Grizzly friend was doing totally manipulated and under his control.  (Via the internet spying and phone tapping, I suppose.)

Interpretation: I’m not called to politics in the normal sense of it and these mid terms (and all elections, I’d wager) are rigged by the Establishment.

They are just not going to let another 2010 happen.

I’ve been saying and should Tweet that unless Tea Party corners the market on two things: voter tabulation and polling — there is no way we can beat the Establishment like we did in 2010.

It’s rigged.

The next dream I had was about Alex Jones.  I somehow knew I was looking at his wife, or his wife was the focus of my dream  (even though I have never seen a photo of her and don’t sit around thinking about her or their marriage at all) and I heard a voice say “Tubal Cain”.

Had no idea what that was until I looked it up.  It is the not-so-secret, but “secret” password for Freemasons. Yes I do think high-level Freemasons are absolute Satanists (not the lower level types, who have no idea what’s really going on).  And I even believe a lot of unexplained things that go on in the news, including Benghazi, may have to do with some sort of demonic religious ritual that they are doing.

Benghazi may have some religious, sacrificial “geomancy” interest to them because it was a former Jewish concentration camp in WWII.  Don’t forget how the Muslims desecrated the Benghazi cemetery six months or so before the Benghazi attack on 9/11 (another masonic holiday, btw, that began on September 11, 1826)  That is what I saw in another dream — that the way to deal with these Establishment satanists is to see what they are doing in terms of religiosity or religion — albeit some UN NWO Satanic religion.

(And all of this weird anti Navy SEAL anti military Vet stuff is a part of a UN New World Order hatred of the troops who do their bidding.  Beginning to think it is not so far fetched to believe the vets, and any agony the vets go through, are part of some needed sacrifice or even blood sacrifice to their god — and probably Gosnell too is doing it with the blood of dead babies — just as in the Old Testament with Molech.  I know it seems nuts to think that people we view as agnostic or atheist or even those pretending to be “Methodist” for example — might be doing some weird ceremonial satan worship — but that’s how weird things are since Obama got in office.   There is no longer any conspiracy theory in the age of Obama, he is a conspiracy fact.)

In my waking life, I view Alex Jones the way I viewed Rush Limbaugh in the early 90’s.  Irritating with a point and probably in league with the Establishment.  (I’ll never forget how Rush said “he was good friends with the Bushes” in early Nov. 1992 before the election.  Nor can I forget how Rush stated that he believed people who worked for Halliburton came from Mars. Yeah.  That’s what he said.  Google it.)   Jones must be doing disinfo — or even more subtly — playing games with time frames.  Like divulging information such as “Jerry Bruckheimer staged the phony Jessica Lynch rescue” years after anyone even remembers it, or can check it out.

Another dream that a Christian friend of mine had — he is someone that I pray with — he had a dream about a black GOP VP.

I relate it because it reminds me of a dream I had about Gov. Palin regarding Tucson.

He dreamt that there was a black man with a moustache or beard, or both (I can’t remember) who was the GOP Vice President.

He was in a high tech hospital room and he was not doing well, with doctors working on him.  His wife was with him.  In the dream, my friend said that the he couldn’t understand why he felt the black VP was his “father” but that’s what he felt like.

The black GOP VP was being operated on but he kept saying: “But I’m perfectly healthy, I’ve never been sick, I don’t understand what I’m doing here”

… then my friend said the dream showed a different angle and he saw the black VP that seemed to be “his father” was really in a mobile hospital van, a high tech vehicle that looked like it was out of a sci fi movie.  And the back of the van opened up and exposed the VP and his wife to a bevy of  determined CIA hit men and snipers who were following them — and they shot at the VP with tiny poison darts in high tech guns — as if out of a movie again — and the man was pulverized by these darts until he died.

My friend, who is white, couldn’t understand why he felt like this man was “his father” and I told him that when you are the “son of” someone or the “father” of someone, it is like when Christ said to the Pharisees — “your father is the devil” — meaning that you are cut from the same cloth as that person.

My friend is GOP, so I told him this black guy you saw in your dream (Ben Carson?) has the same political and spiritual beliefs that you do, that’s why he felt like he was your “father”.

He was very shaken up by the dream, convinced afterwards at skullduggery at the highest levels. (Like the guy who was in the primary with Clay Aiken today who just happened to drop dead when he was about to challenge the vote… right.)

I maintain that my friend’s dream is exactly the same sort of interpretation as the dream I had about Palin in Tucson — in the Bible, “darts” or “arrows” or “fiery darts” are false accusations, slanders, lies, insinuations, libels because even the word “Devil” means slanderer, and he is the “accuser of the brethren”.   The “CIA hitmen” were people in the media, in politics etc., who fed the MSM lies about this black guy — look up Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

The fact this Ben Carson-ish guy kept saying “But I’m not sick!” Meant that he had no real dirty laundry to speak of.  The “high tech” darts the CIA MSM were shooting at him were lies and accusations coming at him through our “rigged internet” and a manipulation of the social and other media to get at the guy.  That he “died” doesn’t mean he physically died, it means they “took him out” in terms of his career.

The dream really upset my friend.




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